David Perez – Lawn Technician

David is new to our industry and after a couple months of training with our route supervisor Jonah, and riding along with many of our seasoned technicians, David has set out on his own, covering areas North and South. David, being a quick learner, picked up very easily on what we do to maintain beautiful lawn and plants with our customer’s accounts. He is very outgoing and enjoys working with customers to build a comfortable and trusting relationship. We look forward to many years ahead with David! If you see him, stop and say Hello! On a more personal note: David is originally from New York, and has lived in Florida since 2017. He enjoys watching hockey, basketball, and football, with the Miami Dolphins being his favorite sports team as he is supporting his cousin who has signed on as a quarter back with the Dolphins! He enjoys drawing, playing guitar, long-boarding, and ice skating in his spare time.