Rick Wenner – Lawn Technician

rick w webRick has been with us quite some now and has made huge improvements to his route! Having a background in Landscaping and Pest Control, he already knows the processes and shows great confidence. We’re very fortunate to find a “new guy” with as much to offer as he does. Stop and say “hello!”, he’s a really great guy!
On a more personal note:  Rick is a Pennsylvania native but has lived in sunny Sarasota for over 5 years now! Huge sports fan, we are told he enjoys watching the Tampa Bay Lightning, New Orleans Saints and the New York Yankees. In between sports games, he likes to go Boating, Fishing and working out. Single guy, when home, he likes to hang out with his cat and dog. As we get to know him, we find he’s very easy to talk to and loves to laugh. Thanks for choosing us Rick & welcome!