White-Footed Ants

We are finding more and more customers with white-footed ant infestations.  But never fear, WE CAN TREAT THEM!
The origin of the White-Footed Ant is Asia and they are currently confirmed in urban and suburban habitats in central and south Florida. These ants are very small, 1/10 – 1/8 inch in length, black to blackish brown in color. The feet and antennal flagella are yellowish white. It takes a magnifying glass to see their “white feet” because to the naked eye they look like solid black ants.

ants-wf2   ants-whitefooted

The most common complaint is many of these ants are on inside/outside walls and vegetation, though nests are usually outside and numerous. They can be found in hollow branches and in any small spaces that might accommodate a pocket of ants, including under-water potted plants, in leaf litter, in the bases of palm fronds or banana leaves, between cut logs, in yard toys, in old termite galleries, under bark, behind hurricane shutter brackets, under fascia boards, and between bricks. Nests are readily abandoned and relocated when disturbed. White-footed ants enter and infest your homes because they are attracted to sweets and proteins such as pet food and table scraps. These ants have also been known to short out electrical outlets and pool pumps, which can lead to costly electrical repairs.

We have had great success with the specialized sprays and baits we use on properties infested with white-footed ants. Using a power-sprayer, we treat the entire perimeter of the structure, including eaves, pool decks, bushes and shrubs.  In addition, trees thoughout the property are sprayed.  If you are interested in more information or pricing on the treatment of white-footed ants, just give us a call.