Why Use Turfmaster? Our Promise to You

At some time you may have received, from one or more of our competitors, a flyer offering a predetermined price for Lawn/Plant services.  While it may be easy to do a mass distribution of flyers offering low prices based on speculation, we cannot understand how these companies can quote a price before walking your lawn or discussing your specific needs with you.  We do not try to earn your business that way.  Turfmaster believes in determining what you, the customer, will want and expect out of our service before we tell you how much it will cost.

We are professionals who take pride in our work and prefer to deal with our customers face-to-face.  We would like the opportunity to walk your property and to tell you in person what our company can do for you.  There is no obligation with this proposal; just a promise from us to give you the best service and value for your dollar.

Turfmaster offers to all of our clients (both new and old) highly-trained service technicians.  The employment longevity of our service technicians is something we take pride in, with the average length of time being 7 years!  In addition, we are locally owned and have been serving Sarasota and Manatee Counties for over 40 years.

What We Won’t Do:

  • Gimmicks!
  • Video tape our employees; we trust them (Other companies do this for their own protection, not for the homeowner’s benefit)
  • Go to every yard in your neighborhood and offer an unsolicited blanket, price
  • Promise treatments that are not legal and make claims that are not possible
  • Give you a generic analysis designed to imply problems present in your yard, when in reality there may be none

What We Promise To Do:

  • Be honest, be fair, be available, charge a fair price, and deliver the service the customer deserves.  No exceptions!
  • Use straight-forward methods in all areas of service and business
  • EARN your business honestly; not by bad mouthing or lying about competitors
  • Return calls within 24 hours and have a truck at your house within 48 hours
  • Not charge you for call-backs between regularly scheduled visits
  •  Use established manufacturers who make the best products designed for our area, the specific time of year, and with the needs of grass and plants in mind

We THANK YOU for taking a moment to learn more about us!