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Best Watering Practices for Cooler Temperatures

During our cooler months your grass and plants naturally begin to slow in their growth. Days and nights are getting quite a bit cooler which slows their metabolism, meaning less water is needed to support the plant. Evaporation is considerably less this time of the year, so in most cases, we are suggesting that our customers restrict watering their property to once per week.

Effects of Over-Watering

Over-watering during cooler months can be very damaging to your landscape. It is also best to restrict your watering to around sunrise or shortly thereafter, which will allow the sun to help remove the extra water in your lawn and plant beds. Too much water during cooler temperature equals fungus and root rot problems.

Plants Need Less Water

As a rule your plants will need less water than your grass. Plants develop deeper roots and generally have more shade factors due to the way they are planted in groups. If your plant beds are too wet, chances are your grass is extremely wet!

Winter Lawn Problems

Brown Patch Fungus

Brown Patch Fungus

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