Sales Team

Tony Paul – Sales

After spending 5 years as a lawn technician, Tony decided he could better use his experience with our sales team, so that’s where he’s been since 2009. Tony has always maintained a great rapport with his customers, which made his transition into sales an easy one.  He honestly cares about our customer’s lawns and goes out of his way to do his part.  Keep up the good work, Tony! On a more personal note: Tony has lived in Sarasota for 15 years after moving here from Ohio.  He is married ... read more

Jeff Mooneyham

Jeff is rather new to our Sales Team and we could not be any luckier to have him on board!  After having been in sales and management in the lawn and pest control industry for over 30 years, he decided Turfmaster is the best fit for him.  We are so very glad to have him, as he brings fresh ideas along with giving our Sales Department a new energy.  If you see him, stop and say "Hi" - he's always happy to make a new acquaintance! On a more personal note:  Jeff is a true Floridian which gives... read more

Lawn Technician Team

Craig Devereaux – Lawn Route Manager

Craig has been with Turfmaster since its inception in 1991 and holds his own Lawn & Ornamental license. He's spent the last 35 years in the pest control industry, so absolutely knows his stuff! Craig oversees many technicians in the lawn division (as follows), and visits customer's lawns to address the more difficult problems that arise. On a more personal note: Craig has lived in Manatee County since he was 4 months old. He is married, has 3 children, and 1 granddaughter. The family enjoys... read more

Nate Anderson – Lawn Technician

We are fortunate to have added Nate to our team! He will be treating in the Sarasota region as he is very familiar with this area. After many weeks of training with our Route Supervisor Jonah, Nate is ready to get his hands dirty. He is already showing us great qualities and has caught on extremely fast to the "Turfmaster Way" of doing things. We are excited to see his tenacity & efforts reflect in our customer's lawns! On a more personal note: Nate is originally from Stuttgart Germany but... read more

Lance Beachy – Lawn Technician

Lance has been with Turfmaster for over 5 years, and works in the Lakewood Ranch and SR 64 areas. Like his brother, Jonah, he likes to build a solid relationship with each of his customers. On a more personal note: Lance was born in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and has lived in Sarasota for over 20 years. In his spare time, he likes to play disc golf or his guitar. He also does freelance PC computer repair and spends time with his pets.... read more

David Stanley – Lawn Technician

David came to Turfmaster in 2011, and immediately showed great promise. David stepped into the route of a retiring employee who had been with us over 10 years. Those were some big shoes to fill, but David has worked hard to make sure his customers maintain the high level of service they have come to expect.come to expect. On a more personal note: David is a native of Sarasota and a football fan; his favorite teams being The Dallas Cowboys and FSU Seminoles. David also has a good time playing so... read more

Drew Fugate – Lawn Technician

Drew has been with our company since 2005, and has proven himself to be a valued employee. He was recently transferred from Sarasota to our nothernmost route in Parrish/Palmetto. Drew brings to his customers both knowledge and easy approachability, and is constantly taking the initiative to learn more about his chosen profession.  We're sure he will be well received in his new territory! On a more personal note: Drew, a native of Sarasota, enjoys camping, computers, disc golf, muscle cars, coo... read more

Jeremy Brown – Lawn Technician

Jeremy came to Turfmaster after having previously worked for a landscaping company. He brought experience and knowledge, especially when it comes to Florida's plants and palm trees. He enjoys what he does and it reflects in his performance, which has helped Jeremy to build great relationships with his customers. Turfmaster is lucky to have you !! On a more personal note: Jeremy is originally from Michigan but has lived here since he was only 2 years old. When not working he spends time with his... read more

Richard Alcott – Lawn Technician

Richard came to us many years ago with little experience in the industry. Between his initial and continual training, he has proven to be diligent, hardworking, and a quick learner.  He has a smile on his face every day, and honestly loves to work here.  His exuberance makes him a favorite with both his customers and his co-workers.  In 2017, Richard was moved to a northern route to take over for a technician who made a career change.  This is not an easy task, but he has handled the transit... read more

Matt Klock – Lawn Technician

Matt has completely mastered Route 3 and came to us with many years of valuable experience! Referred by other veteran employees, he has already been out on the road and has displayed his very extensive Lawn & Ornamental knowledge. Being a Venice Florida native, he knows exactly what we deal with here all the way from the Lawn destroying insects to various climate struggles. We are excited to see how he applies all of this to his work. We have a great feeling his customers will be very please... read more

John Gettig – Lawn Technician

After being with us for over a year and originally coming to us with close to 4 years of experience in lawn & ornamental field, John has been moved to one of our larger routes - primarily in Panther Ridge and surrounding areas. He loves to work outdoors and works hard at creating a solid relationship between himself and his customers. We're sure he will continue to do a great job in his new territory! On a more personal note:  John comes from Michigan originally, but has lived in Sarasota ... read more

Jonah Beachy – Southern Supervisor

Jonah has been with Turfmaster since 2002. His first 11 years with us was spent as a route technician mainly in Panther Ridge and surrounding areas, but was promoted to a supervisory position in 2013. Obviously in his many years here, he has become quite knowledgeable and maintains a great working relationship with both his customers and our other technicians.  Jonah's done a wonderful job as a supervisor to the technician's he oversees from Clark Rd south to Rotonda (listed below). On a more ... read more

Trey Sloan – Lawn Technician

    Trey has been part of Turfmaster Lawn family now for well over a year! He comes to us having been in the industry for over 4 years and after training with Jonah and Andy, he's ready to get out on his own. Already getting great reviews from Customers that he has met and spoken with, we are pleased with his progress. We wish you the best of luck Trey! On a more personal note: Trey was born in Texas but has lived in Sarasota for the last 11 years. We hear he is soon to be married gainin... read more

Adam Duncan – Lawn Technician

Adam started with us in 2004 and has worked in the Venice/Nokomis area during this time. He has been active in the lawn and landscape industry since he was 16, so is well acquainted with our area's plants and grasses. Adam says he loves the work and strives to build a great relationship with each of his customers. He makes it priority #1 to keep his customers well-informed and happy. It shows, Adam! On a more personal note: Adam is a native of Florida; born and raised in North Port, but has bee... read more

Anthony Califano – Lawn Technician

After training with one of our most seasoned veterans, supervisor Jonah Beachy, Anthony has become a huge asset to our team. Both our State and our Owner requires many, many hours of training, so after 4 weeks of instruction, Anthony was ready to go. He is now working in the Palmer Ranch, Osprey, and Nokomis areas. If you see him, stop to talk with him a bit - we're sure you'll be as impressed as we are! On a more personal note: Anthony was raised in Florida, so much like our other resident nat... read more

Reese aka “Fertdog”

Reese aka "Fertdog" has now been with Turfmaster for over 2 years! He has trained extensively in many departments and is a vital member of our team. Wearing many hats in the office, Reese has been known to be "Mail Carrier", "Mascot", "Office Security", "Inner Office Messenger" as well as "Food Poison Tester". We don't know what we'd do without him! A constant source of joy! On A Personal Note: When Reese is not hard at work, he enjoys frequent belly rubs, long relaxing naps, charming the off... read more

Paul Catalan – Lawn Technician

Paul Catalan - Lawn Technician Paul is new to our family here at Turfmaster. Having previous knowledge of the industry, he took to training effortlessly! Instantly earning the respect of his fellow Lawn Technicians and Route Supervisors. Paul will be servicing one of our Northern Routes and was very excited to get out there and get to know his customers. Having lived in Southwest Florida for the last 18 years, he is very familiar with our tropical vegetation. Fantastic advantage in this line ... read more

Phil Simeoni – Lawn Technician

Phil Simeoni - Lawn Technician Phil be will taking over one of our Venice, Nokomis & Osprey area routes. Having gotten the opportunity to train with the previous Route Tech and the Route Supervisor, he is going into his new field with totally prepared and supported by his teammates! Another employee with 20 years of Florida residency, Phil is quick to recognize our beautiful plants, palms and turf types. This always makes it so much easier to learn the numerous and extremely detailed trea... read more