Mosquito Prevention

Turfmaster is proud to announce our Mosquito Prevention Program!

Although mosquitoes are generally a year-round problem, our anticipated heavy rainfall season will likely increase their population.  Many homeowners spend precious time and money landscaping their yards so they can enjoy them with their family and friends.  This is the time of year that the mosquito population rises and can bite you anytime you are outdoors.  The activities that we enjoy outside can be far more comfortable without the annoyance of mosquitoes.  Aside from the annoying discomfort of mosquito bites, there are many concerns for mosquito-borne disease, such as Encephalitis & West Nile Virus.  Do not let them ruin your outdoor time or put you in danger health wise.


Turfmaster can help bring these outdoor biting nuisances under control.

We have implemented a Mosquito Treatment Plan for you.  Our effective treatment program can substantially reduce the total of mosquitoes and mosquito bites that attack you and your pets.  Our products are people & pet friendly, so you can take back the enjoyment of being outside!


We offer many different frequency options. Your sales person at the time will assess the number of breeding areas and lay down an appropriate plan or one time service if you’re having a special outdoor event. A one-time treatment alone can greatly reduce the number of unwanted pests.

Just call our office with your concerns and we will work out a plan that fits your needs!

Please remember mosquito control is available to help manage the population and reduce the chances of being bitten.  We believe that this is a useful component to be integrated into our lawn management program.