Reese aka “Fertdog”

Reese aka “Fertdog” has now been with Turfmaster for over 2 years! He has trained extensively in many departments and is a vital member of our team. Wearing many hats in the office, Reese has been known to be “Mail Carrier”, “Mascot”, “Office Security”, “Inner Office Messenger” as well as “Food Poison Tester”. We don’t know what we’d do without him! A constant source of joy!

On A Personal Note: When Reese is not hard at work, he enjoys frequent belly rubs, long relaxing naps, charming the office ladies & chasing lizards. Born in Florida, he has become a natural hunter and can sniff out the wildlife (as well as Terry’s lunch box) effortlessly. During his well deserved and much needed break times, Reese likes his mom to close the parking lot gate so that he can gracefully zip through the parking lot promoting physical exercise and the ability to embrace our inner “free spirits”. If you ever stop by the office, he’ll be happy to greet you at the door with his big smile! He welcomes Milk Bones and Beef Jerky. What a guy!!