TopChoice Fire Ant Treatment

TopChoice: one application, one year without fire ants.

So you have a fire ant product that works. Kinda sorta. Which means you’ve kinda sorta gotten used to fire ants coming back over and over again. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the “kinda sorta” from your vocabulary? Well there is a product made by Bayer that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Just one application of professional-strength TopChoice will control fire ants in your lawn for a full year. Unlike temporary treatments that need several applications, Topchoice takes care of fire ants with a single, professionally applied application.ants-fire

Turfmaster can help bring these biting (and sometimes dangerous) nuisances under control.
Our annual fire ant treatment is guaranteed for one year. We’ve been providing this service to our customers for years with proven results. TopChoice has already been used commercially in parks, playgrounds, and other publice spaces for years. Now the same technology can be professionally applied to your lawn.

Let us help you, your family, and your pets take back your lawn! Call us to get more information on how this product works, where it’s already working, and what it can do for your lawn.

Visit Bayer’s website, the maker of TopChoice¬†
to take advantage of Bayer’s rebate when you have a TopChoice treatment done. You can also find more in-depth university studies and real-life stories that show how TopChoice has kept yards like yours fire ant-free for a year.